zirconium oxide sanding belts

Product Data:

 Name Zirconium Oxide Sanding Belts
 Material Premium Zirconium Oxide
 Type Abrasive Belt
 Grit #24-800
 Size 553*75-915*100mm

Zirconium Oxide Sanding Belts are manufactured with premium zirconium oxide grain for fast stock removal.

Premium material provides a fast cut on stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloy, and tool steel, among others. Great for grinding, surface polishing and deburring of forgings and castings.

Features of Zirconium Oxide Sanding Belts

  • Anti-static
  • Faster grinding
  • Work short time
  • Reduces dust
  • #24-80 grit: Wet/Dry applications
  • #100-120 grit: Dry applications only
  • Can work well as an all-purpose material.

Ginding and deburring of all types of metals and works well on wood planing operations.