triangle hook loop backing pad main

Product Data:

 Name Triangle Hook Loop Backing Pad
 Material PU
 Backing Hook Loop / Velcro Backing
 Type With holes / Without holes

Triangle Hook Loop Backing Pad is designed with triangle shape to be used with mouse or triangle type velcro sanding discs.
Attachment side with hook and loop fasteners is used for secure fixing of velour loops when using hook and loop fastening discs.
Different sizes are available.

Features of Triangle Hook Loop Backing Pad

  • Solid center thread structure
  • Compatible with angle grinders and sander polishers
  • Hook & Loop surface to allow for easy replacement of pads
  • Tough durable foam body makes a consistent surface and for long pad life
  • Reinforced inner construction with steel struts gives backing plate stability

Triangle Hook Loop Backing Pad can be used with grinding machine and hook & loop polishing sponges, bonnets & sanding discs for grinding and polishing artificial stone, furniture, wood products, metals, automobiles and other items.

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