synchronized consumption flap discs

Product Data:

 Name Synchronized Consumption Flap Disc
 Material Premium Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide, Ceramic
 Backing Fiberglass Backing
 Type T27
 Diameter 4” – 9”
 Grit #40 – 120
CodeTypeSize in mmSize in InchGritPagesMax SpeedMax. RPM
SCP100#40T27100 x 16.34" x 5/8"407280 m/s15200
SCP100#60T27100 x 16.34" x 5/8"607280 m/s15200
SCP100#80T27100 x 16.34" x 5/8"807280 m/s15200
SCP100#120T27100 x 16.34" x 5/8"1207280 m/s15200
SCP115#40T27115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"407280 m/s13300
SCP115#60T27115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"607280 m/s13300
SCP115#80T27115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"807280 m/s13300
SCP115#120T27115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"1207280 m/s13300
SCP125#40T27125 x 22.35" x 7/8"408080 m/s12200
SCP125#60T27125 x 22.35" x 7/8"608080 m/s12200
SCP125#80T27125 x 22.35" x 7/8"808080 m/s12200
SCP125#120T27125 x 22.35" x 7/8"1208080 m/s12200
SCP150#40T27150 x 22.36" x 7/8"409080 m/s10200
SCP150#60T27150 x 22.36" x 7/8"609080 m/s10200
SCP150#80T27150 x 22.36" x 7/8"809080 m/s10200
SCP150#120T27150 x 22.36" x 7/8"1209080 m/s10200
SCP180#40T27180 x 22.37" x 7/8"4011080 m/s8600
SCP180#60T27180 x 22.37" x 7/8"6011080 m/s8600
SCP180#80T27180 x 22.37" x 7/8"8011080 m/s8600
SCP180#120T27180 x 22.37" x 7/8"12011080 m/s8600
SCP230#40T27230 x 22.39" x 7/8"4012880 m/s6000
SCP230#60T27230 x 22.39" x 7/8"6012880 m/s6000
SCP230#80T27230 x 22.39" x 7/8"8012880 m/s6000
SCP230#120T27230 x 22.39" x 7/8"12012880 m/s6000

Synchronized Consumption Flap Disc is a kind of expendable fiber coated with abrasive cloth.

The special design makes the backing pads be consumed synchronously with the abrasive cloth while grinding, which guarantees a higher efficiency. Also it lasts long for a single flap discs polishing and save your cost.

This type of Flap Disc is mainly used for grinding and polishing round and planar surfaces of workpiece.


Size In mmInner BoxCartonCarton Size(cm)G.W/kgsN.W/kgs
50 x 1020pcs/shrink500pcs28×28×241211
230 x 22.325pcs/shrink50pcs48×25×281817

Features of Synchronized Consumption Flap Disc

  • Higher efficiency
  • Long service life
  • Uniform coating
  • More flexible
  • Good elasticity and self-sharpening

Synchronized Consumption Flap Disc is widely used for grinding and polishing the round and planar surfaces of workpiece.

Suitable for non-ferrous metals, high speed steel, carbon steel and alloyed steel.


The sandpaper material can also be made according to your special requirements, such as aluminium oxide, zirconium, ceramic etc.


There are only flat (T27) type for this Synchronized Consumption Flap Disc. Flat (T27) is designed to grind edges and flat surfaces with a working angle of 0°to 15°degrees.

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