Surface Conditioning Disc with Hole

Product Data:

 Name Quick Change Surface Conditioning Disc
 Material Non Woven Material
 Backing Hook and Loop Backing(Velcro Backing)
 Grit Coarse, Medium, Fine, Very Fine
 Hole Size 16mm, 22mm or as required
 Size 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 3″
CodeSize in mmSize in inchHole SizeColorGritMax R.P.M
SCDCH1001004"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBrownCoarse15500
SCDMH1001004"16mm, 22mm or as requiredRedMedium15500
SCDFH1001004"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBlueFine15500
SCDVH1001004"16mm, 22mm or as requiredGrayVery Fine15500
SCDCH1151154/1/2"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBrownCoarse13300
SCDMH1151154/1/2"16mm, 22mm or as requiredRedMedium13300
SCDFH1151154/1/2"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBlueFine13300
SCDVH1151154/1/2"16mm, 22mm or as requiredGrayVery Fine13300
SCDCH1251255"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBrownCoarse12150
SCDMH1251255"16mm, 22mm or as requiredRedMedium12150
SCDFH1251255"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBlueFine12150
SCDVH1251255"16mm, 22mm or as requiredGrayVery Fine12150
SCDCH1501506"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBrownCoarse9600
SCDMH1501506"16mm, 22mm or as requiredRedMedium9600
SCDFH1501506"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBlueFine9600
SCDVH1501506"16mm, 22mm or as requiredGrayVery Fine9600
SCDCH1801807"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBrownCoarse8600
SCDMH1801807"16mm, 22mm or as requiredRedMedium8600
SCDFH1801807"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBlueFine8600
SCDVH1801807"16mm, 22mm or as requiredGrayVery Fine8600
SCDCH2002008"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBrownCoarse6300
SCDMH2002008"16mm, 22mm or as requiredRedMedium6300
SCDFH2002008"16mm, 22mm or as requiredBlueFine6300
SCDVH2002008"16mm, 22mm or as requiredGrayVery Fine6300

Surface Conditioning Discs with Hole are an open nylon web, impregnated with abrasive grains that provide a desired finish with controlled material removal. The durable open-web construction is designed to resist loading and greatly increase the life of the disc and provide superior performance.
Surface Conditioning Discs with Hole are designed to use with right-angle grinders and orbital tools. Typical applications include: gasket removal, coatings removal, cleaning weld splatter and removing heat discoloration etc.
Surface Conditioning Disc with Hole is a versatile disc that may be used on velcro backing pads grinder or straight shaft tool. The holes punched on the disc prevent clogging and results in minimal heating.

Features of Surface Conditioning Discs with Hole

  • Good flexibility
  • Fast cutting
  • Most durable finishing options
  • Reduced steps
  • Long service life

Surface Conditioning Discs with Hole are widely used for last step finishing, polishing, deburring and removing welding seams and spots, scales, rust and oxidation.

Plastic products, machinery for the chemical and food industries, stainless steel furniture, the automotive and railway industries, the aeronautical industry, stainless
steel structural work.

Recommended Work Surfaces:
Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and alloys, fibre glass, plastic and glass fibre.

Grit Recommendation:
Coarse/Brown: For deburring and heavy surface material removal.
Medium/Red: For moderate to light cleaning, blending, and surface material removal.
Fine/Blue: For removing fine scratch marks and lines. For final finishing, polishing, and
preparing surfaces for painting.
Very Fine/Gray: For finishing, buffing and fine polishing.

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