Surface Conditioning Base Material

Product Data:

 Name Surface Conditioning Base Material
 Material Non Woven Material
 Backing Hook and Loop Backing(Velcro Backing)
 Color Brown, Red, Blue, Grey
 Grit Coarse, Medium, Fine, Very Fine
 Type Sheets, Rolls
 Size As required

Surface Conditioning Base Material (SCBM) offers the highest quality available in terms of life, cutting ratio and finishing.
Surface Conditioning Base Material (SCBM) can be used to make Surface Conditioning Discs, Quick Change Surface Conditioning Discs, Surface Conditioning Belts, Surfce Conditioning Flap Discs and Wheels etc. They are widely used for surface coating removal, paint removal,cleaning, deburring, blending, buffing and finishing.
Surface Conditioning Base Material (SCBM) can replace traditional used products such as coated abrasives and wire brushes.

Features of Surface Conditioning Material

  • Good elasticity
  • Long service life
  • Fast cutting

Recommended Work Surfaces:
Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and alloys, fibre glass, plastic and glass fibre.

Grit Recommendation:
Coarse/Brown: For deburring and heavy surface material removal.
Medium/Red: For moderate to light cleaning, blending, and surface material removal.
Fine/Blue: For removing fine scratch marks and lines. For final finishing, polishing, and
preparing surfaces for painting.
Very Fine/Gray: For finishing, buffing and fine polishing.

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