Silicon carbide sponge abrasive paper

Product Data:

 Name Silicon Carbide Sponge Abrasive Paper
 Material Sponges
 Surface Even Coating of Silicon Carbide Grains
 Size 125*100*10 mm
 Grit 40-240#
CodeSize in mmSurfaceGrit
SCP40125 * 100 * 10SiC40
SCP60125 * 100 * 10SiC60
SCP80125 * 100 * 10SiC80
SCP100125 * 100 * 10SiC100
SCP120125 * 100 * 10SiC120
SCP150125 * 100 * 10SiC150
SCP180125 * 100 * 10SiC180
SCP220125 * 100 * 10SiC220
SCP240125 * 100 * 10SiC240

Silicon Carbide Sponge Abrasive Paper is coated with an silicon carbide abrasive for use with wood, drywall or metal.
These flexible foam Silicon Carbide Sponge Abrasive Paper conform to almost any shape without altering an item’s contours, making them perfect for sanding odd shapes, edges and grooves.
Reusable and washable, Sponge Abrasive Paper last longer than sandpaper with less cleanup.

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Size in mmQuantitySize(cm)G.W/kgs N.W/kgs
125 * 100 * 1060052 * 52 * 3798

Features of Silicon Carbide Sponge Abrasive Paper

  • Easily conform to shapes and contours
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Flexible to sand edges, corners and grooves
  • Washable, reusable and excellent sanding performance

Silicon Carbide Sponge Abrasive Paper is perfect for quick hand sanding of contoured or profiled parts. Ideal for sanding wood, paint, metal, plastic and drywall.

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