Purple Flat Strip and Clean Disc

Product Data:

 Name Purple Flat Strip and Clean Disc
 Material Premium Silicon Carbide and Nylon
 Width 15mm
 Diameter 63 – 180mm
CodeSize in mm
(Dia*Height*Bore Dia)
Size in inch
(Dia*Height*Bore Dia)
Max. RPMMax Speed(m/s)

Purple Flat Strip and Clean Disc is made of tough strip and clean material.It is specially designed for surface treatment and cleaning metal, wood, plastics and stone.

Purple Flat Strip and Clean Disc is durable and works faster and more effectively than other conventional abrasives. It is sharp and flexible and doesn’t clog with shavings, so that you can continue sanding without any problems.

The material of the Purple Flat Strip and Clean Disc is harder than black, which causes the disc to grind more effectively and prolong the tool life.

Jingle’s clean strip discs series includes the following type:

  • Clean Strip Discs with Fiberglass Backing
  • Flat Clean Strip Discs
  • Clean Strip Discs with Shaft
  • Clean Strip Discs with Velcro Backing
  • Roloc Clean Strip Discs

Hardness: Purple > Blue > Black
Durability: Purple > Blue > Black

Size in mm
(Dia*Height*Bore Dia)
Size in inch
(Dia*Height*Bore Dia)
Inner Box
G.W/kgsN.W/kgsCarton Size
Carton Volume
50×15×62"×3/5"×1/4"/100011103 2.5*40*410.053
63×15×62-1/2"×3/5"×1/4"/100021203 2.5*40*410.053
75×15×63"×3/5"×1/4"/100025243 2.5*40*410.053
100×15×64"×3/5"×1/4"121206.55.55 9*23.5*23.50.032
100×15×124"×3/5"×7/16"2020011.1295 7*35*230.045
115×15×64-1/2"×3/5"×1/4"121208.676 8*27*230.042
125×15×65"×3/5"×1/4"121209.47.86 8*27*230.042
150×15×126"×3/5"×7/16"510011106 9*19*450.058
180×15×127-1/5"×3/5"×7/16"89616.2313.768 1*22*430.076
200×15×128"×3/5"×7/16"/3054.74543 3*34*330.037

Features of Purple Flat Strip and Clean Disc

  • Safe and efficient
  • Sharp and flexible
  • Full range of sizes to suit different applications
  • Resist loading for smooth and consistent finish
  • Rugged

Purple Flat Strip and Clean Disc is designed for those cleaning applications where product life and edge retention are particularly important.
It is specifically developed for cleaning and surface preparation for metal, wood, plastics and stone.

If you need to learn more information about us, please check the video introduction of our factory at https://jingle-abrasives.com .