non woven flap disc

Product Data:

 Name Non Woven Flap Disc
 Material Non Woven Material
 Backing Fiberglass Backing
 Type T27, T29
 Diameter 4”, 4.5”, 5”
 Grit Coarse, Medium, Fine
CodeTypeSize in mmSize in InchGritPagesMax SpeedMax. RPM
NP100CT27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"Coarse2180 m/s15200
NP100MT27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"Medium2180 m/s15200
NP100FT27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"Fine2180 m/s15200
NP115CT27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"Coarse2680 m/s13300
NP115MT27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"Medium2680 m/s13300
NP115FT27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"Fine2680 m/s13300
NP125CT27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"Coarse2880 m/s12200
NP125MT27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"Medium2880 m/s12200
NP125FT27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"Fine2880 m/s12200

Non Woven Flap Disc is used when other tools reach their finishing limits or cannot achieve the required result. Best disc for deburring, edge breaking, blending, cleaning, finishing, and polishing.

Non Woven Flap Disc, also known as Surface Conditioning Flap Disc, are final choice for finish polishing&cleaning, rust removal and deburring on stainless steel surface or other metal surface.

With strong anti-clogging performance, the flap disc last 5 times longer than a single nylon disc. Different color of the flaps indicates different grits: Brown–coarse, Red–medium, blue–fine.

Jingle’s Non Woven Flap Discs are made of BBL raw material from Italy with high performance and stable quality.

Size In mmInner BoxCartonCarton Size(cm)G.W/kgsN.W/kgs

Packing:10pcs/shrink, 100pcs/carton, or as per client’s requirement.

Features of Non Woven Flap Disc

  • Durable material
  • Long service life
  • Low aggressive characteristic
  • Gentle surface treatment, fibre support
  • Fine elasticity and grinding ability

Non Woven Flap Disc is widely used for deburring, edge breaking, blending, cleaning, finishing, and polishing on aluminum, steel, titanium and non-ferrous metals.

Choose the right disc:
• Coarse/Brown: For de-burring and heavy surface material removal.
• Medium/Red: For moderate to light cleaning, blending, and surface
material removal.
• Very Fine/Blue: For removing fine scratch marks and lines. For final
finishing, polishing, and preparing surfaces for painting.