Mouse Sanding Disc 800

Product Data:

 Name Mouse Sanding Disc
 Material Aluminium Oxide/Silicon Carbide
 Backing Velcro(Hook & Loop Backed)
 Hole Quantity 12
 Grit Coarse, Medium, Fine, Very Fine

Mouse Sanding Discs are made up of flannel coated on the abrasive paper.
The Mouse Sanding Discs are irregular sanding disc shapes for special use, suitable for wood, paint and varnish, plastics, plaster and light metal sanding etc.
Convenient loop backing can be used with any velcro disc holder or sander.
The holes punched on the disc allow excellent chip-removal performance, and the open structure prevents clogging and results in minimal heating.


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Features of Mouse Sanding Disc

  • Convenient velcro backing
  • High efficiency and long lifespan
  • Easy on and easy off
  • Anti-clogging
  • Safe, efficient, low consumption
  • Resist moisture and heat

Widely used for polishing and rust removal. Special triangle shape is ideal for sanding in tight areas and intricate work.
The Mouse Sanding Disc is mainly used for metal and non-metal, wood, rubber, grinding, polishing, cutting, cleaning etc.

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