flap wheel

Product Data:

 Name Flap Wheel
 Abrasive Material Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/O
 Grit #60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 240, 320
 Hole Diameter(mm) 25.4, 32, 38, 45, 50, 127, 148, 170, 230
 Outside Diameter(mm) 100-500
 Thickness(mm) 8-200
CodeSize(OD*Height)mmHole(mm)MaterialGritMax. RPM
FW10025100 * 2516,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3209,500
FW12525125 * 2516,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3209,500
FW12530125 * 3016,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3206,800
FW15025150 * 2516,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3206,800
FW15030150 * 3016,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3206,800
FW20025200 * 2516,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3204,800
FW20030200 * 3016,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3204,800
FW20050200 * 5016,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3203,800
FW25025250 * 2516,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3203,800
FW25030250 * 3016,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3203,800
FW25035250 * 3516,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3203,800
FW30025300 * 2516,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3203,200
FW30030300 * 3016,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3203,200
FW30050300 * 5016,25,32Z/O, S/C, A/O, Calcined A/OP40-P3203,200
Other size available.

Flap Wheel that delivers a consistent finish and uniform cut. Made of aluminum oxide on a firm, rayon cloth backing, this product can be used in a variety of grinding and polishing applications.
It can achieve an excellent effect on the surface metal finished surface polishing or inner hole grinding, save time, sharp cutting , stable performance, high safety, it is the best abrasive of the surface treatment.

Features of Flap Wheel

  • General purpose
  • Long service life
  • Fast cutting
  • Good elasticity

Flap Wheel is widely used in grinding, polishing, finishing, derusting of automobile manufacturing, heavy machinery, shipbuilding, steel, aluminum alloy, hardware and decorative industries.

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