Fiberglass Mesh Disc

Product Data:

 Name Fiberglass Mesh Disc
 Material Reinforced fiberglass cloths, phenolic resin and modified epoxy resin
 Outside  Diameter 70mm-1200mm
 Mesh size 2.5mm x 2.5mm-18mm x 18mm

Fiberglass Mesh Disc is a round shaped mesh made from reinforced fiberglass cloths, impregnated with specially phenolic resin and modified epoxy resin.
Since outer circle and inner hole are punched with one-step molding technology, the mesh discs are same in size, equal in concentricity, and bright in appearance.
Fiberglass Mesh discs can be painted into yellow, black, or red.

Features of Fiberglass Mesh Disc

  • High strength and light weight
  • Low margin of error in size
  • Heat resistance
  • Good concentricity
  • Smooth rim

Fiberglass Mesh Disc is mainly used as basal material to reinforce resin-bonded grinding wheels and to produce fiberglass backing plates.

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