Fiberglass Gridding Cloth

Product Data:

 Name Fiberglass Gridding Cloth
 Material Fiber Glass
 Alkali Content Medium or Alkali Free
 Mesh Size 3x3mm-10x10mm
 Color White, Blue, Green, Orange
Standard Mesh Size(mm)Length(meter)Width(meter)Weight(g/㎡)Color
3 x 350M/100M/200M1M/2M60-320White, Blue, Green, Orange and others
4 x 450M/100M/200M1M/2M60-320White, Blue, Green, Orange and others
5 x 550M/100M/200M1M/2M60-320White, Blue, Green, Orange and others
10 x 1050M/100M/200M1M/2M60-320White, Blue, Green, Orange and others
Each rolls with shrinked plastic film.
4 rolls or 6 rolls per carton box. 16 Rolls or 32 Rolls per pallet.

Fiberglass Gridding Cloth is a new anti-alkali product based on medium or free alkali fiber glass yarn as raw materials, woven glass fiber mesh cloth as the substrate and then dried by coated acrylic copolymer solution.
Fiberglass Gridding Cloth is mainly used in insulation system particularly in interior walls to prevent crack or exterior walls to keep warm. Ideal material for construction system.

Features of Fiberglass Gridding Cloth

  • Light Weight
  • Self Adhesive
  • Stable Structure
  • High Strength
  • Good Chemical Stability
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Impact Resistance
  • Thermal and Sound Insulation

Fiberglass Gridding Cloth is mainly used for interior and exterior surface enhancement of cement, plaster, walls, buildings and other structures .
It is also suitable for wall reinforced materials, reinforced cement products, asphalt roofing and fire prevention board.

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