felt polishing flap discs

Product Data:

 Name Felt Flap Discs
 Material Natural Wool
 Backing Fiberglass Backing
 Type T27
 Diameter 4” – 7”
 Page Thickness 8, 10, 13, 15mm
CodeTypeSize in mmSize in InchPage ThicknessPagesMax SpeedMax. RPM
FTP100T27100 x 16.34" x 5/8"8mm3080 m/s15200
FTP100T27100 x 16.34" x 5/8"10mm3080 m/s15200
FTP100T27100 x 16.34" x 5/8"13mm3080 m/s15200
FTP100T27100 x 16.34" x 5/8"15mm3080 m/s15200
FTP115T27115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"8mm3080 m/s13300
FTP115T27115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"10mm3080 m/s13300
FTP115T27115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"13mm3080 m/s13300
FTP115T27115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"15mm3080 m/s13300
FTP125T27125 x 22.35" x 7/8"8mm3080 m/s12200
FTP125T27125 x 22.35" x 7/8"10mm3080 m/s12200
FTP125T27125 x 22.35" x 7/8"13mm3080 m/s12200
FTP125T27125 x 22.35" x 7/8"15mm3080 m/s12200
FTP150T27150 x 22.36" x 7/8"8mm3080 m/s10200
FTP150T27150 x 22.36" x 7/8"10mm3080 m/s10200
FTP150T27150 x 22.36" x 7/8"13mm3080 m/s10200
FTP150T27150 x 22.36" x 7/8"15mm3080 m/s10200
FTP180T27180 x 22.37" x 7/8"8mm3080 m/s8600
FTP180T27180 x 22.37" x 7/8"10mm3080 m/s8600
FTP180T27180 x 22.37" x 7/8"13mm3080 m/s8600
FTP180T27180 x 22.37" x 7/8"15mm3080 m/s8600

Felt Flap Discs are manufactured from high quality special felt and are designed for final polishing applications to achieve a mirror finish.

Made of felt, they are flexible and can prevent overheating.

Felt Flap Discs should be used with polishing pastes for maximizing efficiency when pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing of medium to large surface areas. Ideal for work on irregular or contoured surfaces.

Size In mmInner BoxCartonCarton Size(cm)G.W/kgsN.W/kgs

Packing:10pcs/shrink, 100pcs/carton, or as per client’s requirement.

Features of Felt Flap Discs

  • Less noise
  • Long service life
  • Achieving mirror finish
  • Fast stock removal
  • Prevent overheating
  • Softer, more flexible performance

Felt Flap Discs are widely used for polishing up stainless steel, aluminium, automotive, stones, rust and acid-proofed steels, high tensile / high, alloyed steels, hardened steels, high tensile metal sheets, non-ferrous metals and varnished metal sheets in combination with polishing paste.

Felt Flap Discs can be dvided into two types according to the felt material they are made of: the hard type is ideal for pre-polishing flat surfaces, the soft type is ideal for high-gloss polishing and processing highly contoured workpieces.

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