Calcined Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc

Product Data:

 Name Calcined Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc
 Material Premium Calcined Alumium Oxide
 Backing Fiberglass Backing
 Type T27, T29
 Diameter 2” – 9”
 Grit #40 – 120
CodeTypeSize in mmSize in InchGritPagesMax SpeedMax. RPM
FP50#40T2750 x 102" x 2/5"403080 m/s15200
FP50#60T2750 x 102" x 2/5"603080 m/s15200
FP50#80T2750 x 102" x 2/5"803080 m/s15200
FP50#120T2750 x 102" x 2/5"1203080 m/s15200
FP100#40T27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"407280 m/s15200
FP100#60T27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"607280 m/s15200
FP100#80T27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"807280 m/s15200
FP100#120T27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"1207280 m/s15200
FP115#40T27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"407280 m/s13300
FP115#60T27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"607280 m/s13300
FP115#80T27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"807280 m/s13300
FP115#120T27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"1207280 m/s13300
FP125#40T27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"408080 m/s12200
FP125#60T27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"608080 m/s12200
FP125#80T27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"808080 m/s12200
FP125#120T27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"1208080 m/s12200
FP150#40T27, T29150 x 22.36" x 7/8"409080 m/s10200
FP150#60T27, T29150 x 22.36" x 7/8"609080 m/s10200
FP150#80T27, T29150 x 22.36" x 7/8"809080 m/s10200
FP150#120T27, T29150 x 22.36" x 7/8"1209080 m/s10200
FP180#40T27, T29180 x 22.37" x 7/8"4011080 m/s8600
FP180#60T27, T29180 x 22.37" x 7/8"6011080 m/s8600
FP180#80T27, T29180 x 22.37" x 7/8"8011080 m/s8600
FP180#120T27, T29180 x 22.37" x 7/8"12011080 m/s8600
FP230#40T27, T29230 x 22.39" x 7/8"4012880 m/s6000
FP230#60T27, T29230 x 22.39" x 7/8"6012880 m/s6000
FP230#80T27, T29230 x 22.39" x 7/8"8012880 m/s6000
FP230#120T27, T29230 x 22.39" x 7/8"12012880 m/s6000

Calcined Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc is created by overlapping coated abrasive flaps and adhering them firmly to a back-up plate.This design provides a cooler running and longer lasting disc.

The abrasive cloth is calcined aluminium oxide cloth. We all know that Aluminum oxide is the most widely used abrasives material. If we heated aluminium oxide to a temperature in excess of 1100ºC, then we call the final product as calcined aluminum oxide.

Compared with traditional aluminum flap discs , the main advantages of calcined aluminium oxide is as below:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Sharper grinding ability especially for stainless steel.
  • Higher thermal conductivity to avoid over heat on workpiece.

From an operator’s viewpoint, flap discs are preferred for several reasons. The discs are lighter weight, easier-to-control and have less downtime for product changes. Less vibration and resulting fatigue, as well as reduced noise, are also favored by operators.

Currently the most popular flap discs are aluminium oxide flap discs, Calcined Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs, Zirconium Flap Discs & Ceramic Flap Discs. Contact Jingle to learn more details at:

Size In mmInner BoxCartonCarton Size(cm)G.W/kgsN.W/kgs

Packing:10pcs/shrink, 100pcs/carton, or as per client’s requirement.

Features of Calcined Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc

  • Low noise
  • Long service life
  • Work short time
  • Good elasticity and self-sharpening
  • Excellent polishing
  • Abrasion and heat resistance
  • High strength substrate and adhesive

Calcined Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc is specifically recommended for the processing of stainless steel, steel, metal, carbon steel, alloy steel, wood and plastic.