Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs

Product Data:

 Name Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs
 Material Premium Aluminium Oxide
 Backing Fiberglass Backing
 Type T27, T29
 Diameter 2″, 3″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 9″
 Grit P40, P60, P80, P120
CodeTypeSize in mmSize in InchGritPagesMax SpeedMax. RPM
AP50#40T2750 x 102" x 2/5"403080 m/s15200
AP50#60T2750 x 102" x 2/5"603080 m/s15200
AP50#80T2750 x 102" x 2/5"803080 m/s15200
AP50#120T2750 x 102" x 2/5"1203080 m/s15200
AP100#40T27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"407280 m/s15200
AP100#60T27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"607280 m/s15200
AP100#80T27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"807280 m/s15200
AP100#120T27, T29100 x 16.34" x 5/8"1207280 m/s15200
AP115#40T27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"407280 m/s13300
AP115#60T27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"607280 m/s13300
AP115#80T27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"807280 m/s13300
AP115#120T27, T29115 x 22.34 1/2" x 7/8"1207280 m/s13300
AP125#40T27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"408080 m/s12200
AP125#60T27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"608080 m/s12200
AP125#80T27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"808080 m/s12200
AP125#120T27, T29125 x 22.35" x 7/8"1208080 m/s12200
AP150#40T27, T29150 x 22.36" x 7/8"409080 m/s10200
AP150#60T27, T29150 x 22.36" x 7/8"609080 m/s10200
AP150#80T27, T29150 x 22.36" x 7/8"809080 m/s10200
AP150#120T27, T29150 x 22.36" x 7/8"1209080 m/s10200
AP180#40T27, T29180 x 22.37" x 7/8"4011080 m/s8600
AP180#60T27, T29180 x 22.37" x 7/8"6011080 m/s8600
AP180#80T27, T29180 x 22.37" x 7/8"8011080 m/s8600
AP180#120T27, T29180 x 22.37" x 7/8"12011080 m/s8600
AP230#40T27, T29230 x 22.39" x 7/8"4012880 m/s6000
AP230#60T27, T29230 x 22.39" x 7/8"6012880 m/s6000
AP230#80T27, T29230 x 22.39" x 7/8"8012880 m/s6000
AP230#120T27, T29230 x 22.39" x 7/8"12012880 m/s6000

Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs are versatile grinding and finishing tools, consisting of three main components: a backing plate, adhesive, and abrasive cloth flaps. The rectangular flaps are overlapped and glued to the backing plate. Flap discs and wheels grind and finish in one step, thereby, reducing both finishing time and finishing costs.
Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs are made from premium aluminum oxide grain and are designed for right angle grinder applications ranging from heavy stock removal to surface blending. Aluminium Oxide is the original metalworking abrasive. It’s also the lowest-cost option. Today, it is recommended for smaller jobs where the product being produced is low-value. Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs are recommended for ferrous metals, alloyed and unalloyed steels,cast iron, composites, plastics, and wood etc. Broad grit range of Jingle Abrasive Flap Discs allows rough grinding to fine finishing.

Features of Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs

  • Low noise
  • Long service life
  • Work short time
  • Good elasticity and self-sharpening
  • Lower price

Shape Recommendation:
Flat flap disc(Type 27): Type 27 Flat flap discs have a flat flap design and provide the best finish. Used primarily on flat surfaces they grind at flatter angles 0° to 15°. T27 Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs are the best choice for blending and smoothing finishing.
Conical flap disc(Type 29): Conical T29 flap discs have angled flaps and may be used on both contoured and edge work. Type 29 Abrasive flap discs are the more aggressive choice, with flaps angles at 10°. Grind at steep angles 15° to 25°. The angle provides greater surface contact for stock removal on flat surfaces. T29 Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs are the best choice when speed and stock removal are primary considerations.

Grit Recommendations:
Grit 40: Unalloyed or low alloyed steels, and low tensile strength stainless steels.
Grit 60: High-alloyed, stainless and tempering steels.
Grit 80: High-alloyed steels and fine finish on all materials.
Grit 120: For extra fine finish on all materials.

Recommended Applications:
Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs are widely used for general purpose grinding, deburring, removing welding seams and spots, removing scale, rust and oxidation of any kind.
Aluminium Oxide Flap Discs can be used on alloyed and unalloyed steel, aluminium, nonferrous metals and alloys, structural steel, plastic, paint, varnish, wood etc.