Abrasive Tool Set mian

Product Data:

 Name Abrasive Tool Set for Grinding and Polishing
 Package Content A Black Strip & Clean Disc,
A Zirconia Flap Disc
A Felt Polishing Wheel
 Main Material Fiberglass, Premium Silicon Carbide,
Nylon, Premium Zirconia, Natural Wool
CodeProduct NameTypeSize in mmSize in inchMa* speed(RPM)
ATS100Black Strip & Clean Disc/100 * 164" * 5/8"15000
Zirconia Flap DiscT27100 * 164" * 5/8"15200
Felt Polishing WheelSoft100 * 164" * 5/8"15200
ATS115Black Strip & Clean Disc/115 * 224 1/2" * 7/8"11500
Zirconia Flap DiscT27115 * 224 1/2" * 7/8"13300
Felt Polishing WheelSoft115 * 224 1/2" * 7/8"13300
ATS125Black Strip & Clean Disc/125 * 225" * 7/8"10000
Zirconia Flap DiscT27125 * 225" * 7/8"12200
Felt Polishing WheelSoft125 * 225" * 7/8"12200

This Abrasive Tool Set for Polishing include: a Black Strip & Clean Disc, a Zirconia Flap Disc, a Felt Polishing Wheel.Kindly note that this tool set does not come with the polishing paste.

Here are the steps to mirror effect polishing.

Step 1: Use Black Strip & Clean Discs for grinding.

Since the Strip & Clean Discs are made from polyfibers, there is no risk of flying metal chips.
With Strip & Clean Disc you can thoroughly remove paint and rust from joints and surfaces.
The discs are used for cleaning surfaces, removing layers of paint and epoxy, preparing surfaces which need to be painted or coated in hard-to-reach places.
They are very suitable for the quick and effective treatment of surfaces that are hard to clean.

Step 2: Use Zirconia Flap Disc for fine finishing.
Zirconia Flap Discs can be used on all types of materials from metal to wood, flat or beveled.
Due to its price to performance ratio, Flap Discs with Zirconia Grain has became the most popular flap disc.
In addition, this Zirconia Flap Disc is designed with cooling holes on the backing pad, which can also be called Ventilated Flap Discs.
The air through the holes reduces the temperature of the work piece. This air circulation conduces to cooling the metal and preventing overheating.
Furthermore, it also conduces to extending the life span of the discs by cooling the abrasive cloth.

Step 3: Use Felt Polishing Wheels & polishing paste to achieve mirror effect.
Felt Polishing Wheels are made from high quality special felt and are designed for final polishing applications to achieve a mirror finish.
Felt polishing wheels should be used in conjunction with a polishing compound or pastes. You can also use Felt Flap Disc to replace the felt polishing wheels as you like.

Warm Tip: Felt polishing wheels should always be run at lower speeds. This will extend the disc life and improve the finish.

Features of Abrasive Tool Set for Grinding and Polishing

  • Quick working
  • Best performance
  • Long service life

This Abrasive Tool Set can be used for all kinds of materials, such as non-ferrous metal, wood, steel, stainless steel etc.